Who is Christian Graciel ?

Douala (Cameroon) born designer Christian Graciel launched his own brand in 2003. After 10 years in fashion industry as a freelance designer for notorious international brands, he gave a more spiritual direction to his career. Fascinated by nature, undeniably inspired by his roots and origins but also by Indonesia’ s natural beauty, Christian Graciel magically transforms raw and natural materials into luxury gender- fluid and unique jewelry, accessories and handbags.

Designer Christian Graciel

qoutation markI like working with raw, natural materials, they enable me to get up-close to nature.

I get inspired by everything that’s old, everything that has already had a life. I recover

wood scraps, even old roots, to transform into bags.

A creative inspiration undeniably linked to his birth

This transfiguration of raw and scrap materials and inspirational process is likely to be intertwined with Christian’s birth; he was pronounced dead as a newborn in 1970 before miraculously coming back to life again thanks to an alert medical student.

The raw and natural materials carefully selected by Christian Graciel himself experience a real metamorphosis. All products whether from teak, burl, rosewood and soar wood or even shells or genuine leather are naturally and ecologically handmade by Christian’ s team of devoted and local craftsmen. Each item is unique, and Christian’s fabulous signature collection definitely expresses the pureness and the beauty of nature.


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