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This blog is meant to be a small social media platform for me and also a way to complete my website and be a bit more personal and also widen my perspective.   I am here to express my views, to share information of  my interest linked to my work or to the place I live in, Bali. 

To my dear readers and my followers, thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to share information or even to react. Let’s discover my work, my creational process, my inspirations. I would also  allude to more general topics  like recycling and environmental issues here in Bali, a particular topic I am concerned with. You will also be able to discover my favourite places and venues here in Bali

Designer Christian Graciel


Coming soon !! Sophie and Lou, 2 lovely names to qualify Christian’s  new leather clutches and bags!
Made from high quality stamped leather and available in 5 different colours. Treat yourself and do your shopping on the website. 

Christian Graciel
The Lou is available in 5 different stamped leather colours
Christian Graciel
The Sophie is available in 5 different stamped leather colours

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